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Becoming a Data-Driven Organization

Becoming a Data-Driven Organization

Human beings collect data points from the day they are born. As they grow and experience more things, they put those data points into a context. Every human considers those data points and the corresponding context to guide their next steps. This is of tremendous value when you’re considering decisions like banging your head against the wall. (Example: “Do I have enough data points to know that I will get a headache? I do! Let’s NOT do that,” thinks my learned 5-year old. “HUH?” says my curious 4-year old, followed by a very surprised, “Ow!” He needs more data points.) 

Ellen RuaneBecoming a Data-Driven Organization
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Aligning Your Revenue Goals with Sales Objectives

We, at Acumen Partners, have had the opportunity to work with many talented people across all walks of life and industry. Our team has been associated with many great organizations. Recently, we have had conversations with senior leaders from across various business landscapes and have discussed the challenges executives and their sales teams face in achieving their primary revenue goals. This challenge, as we all know, is nothing new! Revenue Challenges come at different times within an organization and often wear different cloaks.

Ed KismanAligning Your Revenue Goals with Sales Objectives
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Fresh from the Feds: ESSA Accountability Rules & Regs

Acumen Partners and our partners, Agile Education Marketing and GreyEd Solutions, will present the fourth installment in our ESSA webinar series. These ESSA experts will share:

  • An update on the Accountability Rules and Regulations  — What we know, what we think we know, and what remains unclear
  • The ESSA rollout time line and how it overlaps and interferes with the typical education buying cycle
  • How Evidence of Effectiveness is changing things for vendors
  • ESSA’s impact on selling in Q4 2016 and the first half of 2017 — Where are the wins and what are the pitfalls?

Watch as K-12 market experts Dr. Julie Carter with GreyEd Solutions and Steven Rowley with Acumen Partners share the latest information about ESSA and how it will impact your business in the coming year.

Andres AfanadorFresh from the Feds: ESSA Accountability Rules & Regs
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Does ESSA Replace, Refine, or Reinforce CCSS?

The Every Students Succeeds Act (ESSA) is transforming every aspect of the education market.

One of the areas where the ground is still shaking beneath marketers’ feet is educational standards. There is a lot of confusion about how ESSA impacts educational standards. Many are particularly unsure about the future of the Common Core Standards Initiative. Will it stay? Will it go? What will be the future of educational standards under ESSA? The education market landscape is abuzz with similar questions. Where are the answers?

Steven RowleyDoes ESSA Replace, Refine, or Reinforce CCSS?
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ESSA Update: Staying Relevant and Competitive in a Changing Market

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Earlier this year, Acumen Partners partnered with Agile Marketing to share insights about the new ESSA legislation and its expected impact on the US K-12 Education market. As Spring 2016 is winding down, it’s time to turn our attention to the challenges we’re faced with for back-to-school 2016 and beyond.  This ESSA webinar originally broadcast on May 18, 2016 picks up where the last left off, with a special focus on the impact the changing funding environment will have on your business. We address the questions that have been plaguing EDU vendors since the passage of ESSA.

  • What do we know and what don’t we know about ESSA? What are facts and what are myths?
  • How does the funding scenario differ for 2016-17 vs 2017-18?
  • How will the massive reallocations from Federal to State DOEs affect funding for your customers?
  • What impact is ESSA likely to have on your business over the next 18 months

Join K-12 market experts Jenny House with RedRock Reports and Steven Rowley with Acumen Partners to track the progress of ESSA and the questions you should be asking yourself to make sure you remain both relevant and viable in a post-NCLB world.

Andres AfanadorESSA Update: Staying Relevant and Competitive in a Changing Market
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ESSA and Traditional Business Strategies

The Every Students Succeeds Act changed everything.

But this change is not the cause of concern. The truly worrying aspect of the ESSA transformation is the approach of businesses towards the change. Many successful education marketers today formed while No Child Left Behind (NCLB) was the norm. This is particularly true for education technology organizations. They created and refined their business strategies to suit the NCLB regulations. They relied on traditional sales processes to maximize profitability.

Not anymore.

Steven RowleyESSA and Traditional Business Strategies
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Your Core Company Value Propositions and ESSA

The Every Student Succeeds Act has silently crept up to revolutionize the educational market.

The law, which is being touted as a symbol of successful bipartisanship, has also created significant challenges for businesses. But this is not what’s surprising. What’s truly astonishing and, at times, worrying is that both the schools and businesses don’t realize its true impact. If they do understand, they don’t know what to do about it. This is where we step in. The name of the game is to adapt to survive. And here are the 4 steps to help your business achieve that.

Steven RowleyYour Core Company Value Propositions and ESSA
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