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ESSA UPDATE: Impact of Executive Orders On ESSA Roll-Out

As the new administration settled into their seats in Washington DC, President Trump and Sec. DeVos made many announcements regarding shifting priorities for the Federal Department of Education.  Headlines have included significant changes to school choice, accountability, funding eligibility, the status of the Common Core, etc. Whether you are a vendor or an educator, whether

ESSA Update: The Battle for Fall Funding

The first “back-to-school” season under ESSA legislation is shaping up to be one of the most chaotic and challenging seasons on record for both schools and vendors.   For vendors, success in navigating the 2017/18 school year will depend on their ability to follow two simple rules: Find the Money Follow the Money

Acumen and Unravelling ESSA – a Timeline

Acumen and Unravelling ESSA – a Timeline Acumen Partners, as part of our due diligence for ourself and our client companies, keeps up-to-date on political and economic trends that effect education and the companies that provide programs for educators.  Our staff has the ability and the capacity to analyze changes and provide warnings when new

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