Understanding how your company is positioned compared to the market is difficult.  Understanding why your company is in that position is even more so.  The Acumen Partner’s MicroBaseline™ inventories are a great first step to gaining the necessary insight into the ‘why’.  By taking one of these brief, 5-7 minute surveys, the Acumen team will identify some potential areas of excellence or concern as well as determine if a full Baseline™ would be of value to you and your organization.

As is always the case with Acumen Partners, your responses and data are private, and will not be shared with any outside parties.

Micro Baseline

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The General MicroBaseline™ provides vision into the organization’s positions, processes, and perceptions as a whole.  Even this short survey can provide much-needed insight towards potential strategies for greater and sustainable success.

Sales Micro Baseline

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The Sales MicroBaseline™ is geared towards Sales Executives and Leaders, providing deeper and more focused insight on the Sales segment of your organization.  By taking this, Acumen will be able to determine potential areas of strength or where improvements would be of value.

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