Garth Hansen

ghansenAs the Vice President of Client Operations and Acumen Partners’ resident technology virtuoso, Garth Hansen oversees a range of internal and external responsibilities. He supervises the internal organizational processes that require IT support. He also uses his considerable professional expertise to provide consultancy services to clients. A graduate of the University of Southern California and Western Governors University, Garth has years of experience and is now an expert in the field of technology.

Garth utilizes project-based accounting to establish and implement financial controls and accounting packages. He also integrates these accounting mechanisms with project management and control systems. His highly efficient technological designs enable an office staff to manage a number of projects and interact with numerous clients with minimal effort and without undo clutter. He has an extremely supportive can-do attitude which makes him an invaluable team member. Whether it’s accounting or operations, human resources or sales management, Garth is an integral part of the Acumen team.

As one of Acumen’s Principal Advisors, his utilizes his technology background to advise business organizations on how to effectively integrate technology into their everyday functional processes. He provides valuable assistance to organizations by creating an efficient IT strategy.

Garth’s remarkable skill set includes software development, business analysis, e-learning technologies, infrastructure planning, off-shore team building, and much more.


Garth HansenGarth Hansen