Jack Elliott


Jack Elliott has a pronounced ability to discover talent and to empower individuals by effectively tapping into their latent potential. He is an effective trainer and a successful consultant. He has a reputation of reliability and resourcefulness. His services help clients advance in an environment of cutthroat competition.

Jack provides mentorship to professionals looking for career growth and consultancy to business organizations aiming for revenue growth. From working in the field to leading corporate organizations, Jack has done it all. He has trained numerous business managers and entrepreneurs. By honing their existing set of skills or by teaching them newer ones, he has instilled the drive to succeed in many individuals.

Among his diverse set of skills, three stand out: strategic planning, operational excellence, and leadership. Jack is an invaluable asset to Acumen Partners through his ability to focus on identifying problems, finding effective solutions and implementing revised business strategies.

Jack had his BS in Finance from Penn State and has done Management Franchise Executive Coaching and Development Operational Analysis for companies including ARCO, SUNOCO Oil, Culligan and Merlin.



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