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Recruiting in the World of Start-ups

Recruiting in the World of Start-ups

Who would benefit most from the services of a recruiter? It is actually the Start-Up! One essential hire – whether in sales, operations or general management could cut in half the time required to move from start-up to growth.

Gloria ElliottRecruiting in the World of Start-ups
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What about Taking it to the Next Level: Hiring for Purpose and Fit

Hooray! You work for fun company with a great idea and a visionary founder at the helm. And now the conundrum: Why is your company unlikely to thrive?

The vast majority of seed-stage companies which fit this description are run by a few people who share a common vision and strategy. However they often lack a second, third, or even fourth in command to implement the vision of the founder. While these entrepreneurs share each other’s passions and can work well together, they rarely include a different point-of-view or complementary action style.

Does this sound familiar? How can you improve the odds for your success? One idea: Start by assessing whom, what, and where you are currently. Then consider what pieces (skill sets, experience, temperament) you are missing. Looking at people you already know who could fill this gap is generally a better strategy for losing friends rather than growing one’s business strategically. And professional recruiters are great for sourcing and screening talent – but often require a substantial upfront payment for their services. And what if you need more than sourcing, screening, and negotiating? Do you know how to write the job description? Can you specifically describe the talents and personal acumen you want in your new team members? Are you prepared to onboard for success? There is another way. How about an objective assessment of you and your current leadership team combined with consultation on the kind of team members you need to best meet your growth goals?

An Acumen Partners Baseline assessment includes an in-depth analysis of your company, your competitive market position, and the natural skills of your existing team. Understanding these elements can vastly improve your chances for success and the data-driven report is something you can share with investors with confidence.

Acumen clients also have access to the services of an experienced recruiting team who works for you to write that specific job description and ideal-candidate profile as well as to source viable candidates. Our onboarding specialists can help you hire and retain top talent through a training program to ensure the best possible experience for your new employees and your firm. And Acumen shares the risk We spread our very-competitive fees over the first year of employment and we guarantee the placement for 1 year on a prorated basis. If the new hire doesn’t work out, you stop paying us. It’s that simple.

Improve your odds for success and allow your visionaries to do what they do best. Call today to schedule an OnTarget Baseline with Acumen Partners.

Gloria ElliottWhat about Taking it to the Next Level: Hiring for Purpose and Fit
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