What Do We Do?

At Acumen Partners, we work with some of the world’s leading businesses.  We provide an effective and innovative approach to capturing data, making it actionable and helping companies of all sizes achieve their next milestone.

Acumen specializes in identifying company-wide insights, removing roadblocks and leveraging new strengths to your competitive advantage.

  • Internal & External Benchmarking
  • Process Optimization
  • Leadership Development
  • Revenue Expansion
  • Business Transitions
  • IP Management
  • Organizational Training




How does Acumen Partners Envision My Company

Successful businesses are actually successful ecosystems: a network of interconnecting and interacting parts.  That’s why changes in one department or team often result in unintended consequences elsewhere in the organization.  Good leaders must understand the unique dynamics in the ecosystems they lead.

Management consultants use research driven models to help quickly understand your organization and isolate strategic and tactical areas of strength or concern.  These models form the foundation of all the counsel and support that will follow. Some models focus tightly on one discipline or facet of your company.  That’s okay.  There is a time and place for that. But business strategy requires a more universal view and understanding of your business.

Acumen Partners views your company as multi-dimensional. As leaders, you are always balancing three distinct characteristics of your company.

  • The activities you perform to execute your Competitive Advantage we call the “Right Things”
  • The activities you do to establish cohesion and promote high performance we call the “Right Way”
  • The unique way your team attacks new challenges and brings strengths to bear we call the “Right Team”

Acumen employs a proprietary business framework called the Business Impact Model to both benchmark your organization and guide all advisory and training services we deliver. Using a comprehensive model that communicates the interactive nature of your business ecosystem.

FAQs About Management Consultants

Management Consultants bring expertise and experience where it is needed, when it is needed. They are the Sherpas of the business world.  Their role is to listen, evaluate, and provide skilled guidance on an as-needed basis.  Consultants provide a disciplined approach to understanding and resolving complex business challenges.

Strategic decisions, such as reacting to market shifts or evaluating a merger, are obvious examples when skilled input is helpful—but these events are relatively rare for most businesses.  Every business faces far more significant turning points as they grow from seed to maturity.

Our approach, our reputation, and our results.  Acumen’s OnTarget Approach focuses on using data to identify high ROI actions that demonstrate success in 90-days. Our focus on building clients “capacity” leads to high retention and high referrals.

Scope, purpose, and timespan.  Contractors provide a valuable service to companies often providing embedded specialists or outsourced workforces for the duration of a specific project.  Management Consultants function more surgically.  They operate at a strategic level to help business leaders foresee challenges, access resources, and navigate the business lifecycle as effectively as possible.

Acumen curates and maintains a proprietary dataset drawing upon numerous commercially and privately available sources.  Our OnTarget™ Baseline and associated data tools utilize proprietary algorithms and resources groomed over 20+ years.  But, finding data sources to do your own benchmarking is not difficult in this digital era.  The challenge is using that data to achieve readily actionable insights—and this is where Acumen Partners stands apart from other providers.

Absolutely.  Privacy is a critical aspect of all the work we do.  All information shared, gathered, or generated over the course of our work is held in the strictest confidence.  Information is compartmentalized to your engagement team and anonymized within our tools and systems.

Experience, education, on-going training, and a wide network of experts to draw upon when facing unique challenges.  No consultant has all the answers.  Acumen Partner’s consultants are:

  • seasoned business professionals;
  • trained in the best business models and management techniques;
  • current on leading professional thinking and strategies;
  • in possession of proprietary tools and resources; and
  • skilled and asking questions, researching, and bringing together great leaders to find solutions.

Mistakes cost money. Skilled consultants save money.  Timing determines whether consulting services create substantial value or come at a premium that can’t be avoided.  Like a skilled tax accountant whose works pays for itself many times over, consultants help avoid critical mistakes and create value that generates dividends throughout the life of your business.

Every Acumen Partner engagement begins with a no-obligation, thorough benchmarking exercise to ensure all parties understand your company the same way.  Many times, this brief engagement is all that is needed.  Most companies possess the resources to succeed.  They just need the perspective to get past their current hurdles.  Sometimes, the circumstances are more complex.

Either way, all engagements start with getting the cards on the table.

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